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Pasta Making, Corzetti Stamp, Ear of Wheat

Pasta Making, Corzetti Stamp, Ear of Wheat

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Pear wood stamp for making traditional Ligurian Corzetti pasta.

Ear of wheat shape and decorated bottom. Diameter 53 mm

What is Corzetti pasta (Ligurian Corzetti)?

Homemade Corzetti (also known as Ligurian Corzetti, croxetti or corsetti) is a typical Italian pasta born in Liguria and decorated with a special tool for corzetti, a characteristic wooden mold.

Corzetti pasta history

This printed pasta size was born in the Renaissance: in Liguria the noble families wanted to have personalized pasta with the family’s coat of arms as a sign of power. In this Italian region, even nowadays, some families are realizing them like this. The poorest, who could not afford to print it, were making the same pasta but without engraving. Handmade corzetti often had different engravings on the two sides: a cross was engraved on the second side, a tradition that (probably) gives the name to this characteristic fresh pasta shape. Ligurian corzetti molds are made with woods without tannins and resins.

Making corzetti pasta

To make them you can use corzetti pasta stamps. These are wooden molds consisting of two parts: the first one is cylindrical in shape and has an incised and concave part, useful for cutting the dough, the other one is a "stamp". Preparing this pasta with our corzetti pasta tool is very easy: prepare the dough with water, wheat flour and salt, roll out the dough and cut it in circle shapes. Then you can print the chosen design thanks to a corzetti mold. According to tradition, the Corzetti sauce is prepared with white meat, onion, celery and bay leaf. Other typical sauces for corzetti pasta are:

  • Pesto alla Genovese Sauce

  • Walnut sauce

  • Pine nut sauce

  • Marjoram and pine nuts sauce

  • Mushrooms sauce

Ligurian corzetti Stamp for Making Ligurian Corzetti Pasta maintenance

Our stamps are made with wood that is suitable for food contact. You can easily clean them after use with a clean cloth and a brush. Don’t use water, this will make it easier to clean dry pieces of pasta dough.

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