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Olive Oil, San Giuliano 'Primer' Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 500ml/17oz

Olive Oil, San Giuliano 'Primer' Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 500ml/17oz

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Another wonderful product from San Giuliano Estates in Alghero Sardegna.

This 'Primer' Extra Virgin Olive Oil is handpicked in the Manca family's olive groves. The olives are cold-pressed in a granite millstone. 
Elegant on the palate, with a taste of wild herbs and a light dose of spiciness. 

Pairing ideas: seafood dishes, salads, mushrooms, and meats.

San Giuliano company is based in Alghero, Sardegna. Close to the uncontaminated Riviera Cost. The extra virgin olive-producing tradition of the San Giuliano business started with the great passion of the Manca family back in 1916 and has evolved into what it is today. In 1975, Domenico Manca decided to create a modern production facility with a low environmental impact. The Manca family of Alghero harvests their best olives and then cold presses them in traditional stone mills. The cold-pressing process allows the olives to express their true Sardinia characteristics in each bottle of extra virgin olive oil.

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